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Concerning: General
Didn't really want to listen to your stuff but for some reason I wanted to listen to your stuff. I'm very glad that I did. When I make this next statement please believe that I am telling you what I truly feel. You should be making millions of dollars and a household name in america. You have a unique sound that I believe can tap into the musical memory of everyone. Your voice has a carry that is reminiscent of so many of the great Frontmen in music. It's not the sound of your voice that is reminiscent but the way that it can immediately set itself apart from anyone else's voice. I've listened to a couple songs and it's already engrained in my mind. Your music writing is wonderful and truly, along with your voice and lyrics makes you a uniquely genreless original artist. Ok that's enough. I really like your style.

Man if I lived within 100 miles of you I would definitely offer up my drumming experience to you, because I would love to work with you on a couple of songs to see if we would click in a band. I'm an instant fan. -Justin

Concerning: Make Me Blue
(Listening to) both's interesting to trace the evolution of a work. Whilst the acoustic is fine, the "full on" version in my view enhances the real "pop" quality of the writing. There's a real George Harrison feel to this track, and that is meant as a compliment. The lyrics are fairly simple, but that does not detract from their effectiveness. I like the running together of the lyrics "and every situation seems all right for just a little while" in the bridge, which provides a change of melodic rhythm and works well. Repetition of the title in the chorus is also effective. The drums sound very "inhuman" and I was disappointed when they first came in.....but whilst I'd love to hear this song played with good support players, I actually think the rhythm you've got works well. -Brian Ralston

Concerning: Make Me Blue
I don't know why you claimed your studio equipment was limited and that your quality was awful. This track was nice. The only problem I had with it was that it was short and that you'd sing for a couple of seconds and suddenly go back to singing, "Make me blue". Nice song, though. The guitar in it was okay, voice went nicely with the beat, and lyrics were alright. Nothing too big to complain about. It was too short, though. -emcee bullet

Concerning: Make Me Blue
Okay, I personally like the unplugged version better, I'm not sure why, it's just more naked, I love stripped-down music. That being said, here's a review of the produced version: The drums are tight, but the guitars sound a little but over-produced, too many effects, says I. The guitar solo is a bit buried in the mix, and I think it stands out better in the acoustic version. The melody is great, very poppy, and the lyrics are cute. Good song, I like how it ends, just the drums going on in silence, very hip stuff. It was a pleasure to listen to. -Kenneth Nishimoto

Concerning: Ruby Stars
Like the opening chords and neat effect... Melody to the verse is, sweet, lilting, almost like traditional irish or something like that. different and neat
Chorus: nice harmonies. might use a different version of the c chord other than the standard, at end of chorus leading to second verse, but thats just me...


Mike Kohler (commented on) cardboard jesus, and...I see I'm not the only one who mentions your lennonesque vocal tone..that is a big plus for you dude...You gotta sweet voice.
Solo: Good structure(you've got a handle on that stuff eh?)again good execution on this one.....Not bad for a guy that bags on his own playing!
Lyrics: As per usual, your lyrics were thought provoking and insiteful, and surprisingly simple, this in my estimation, is your consistantly strongest point throughout your catalog, your writing is just great.
good go heath...i liked this song -Greg from Rocksmyth Music Company

Concerning: Cardboard Jesus
Thatís a very interesting title to start with. But, when you listen to this 4:43-minute tune, you know what this is all about.

Musically, this one starts out with a smooth beat and lead guitar with a very weird notation and chord progression as far as musical progression is concerned. But, the unusual often attracts me. This one is one of those unusual tracks at times, which will attract you.

I kid you not: this song could have been written by the likes of the late John Lennon! If you listen to the vocals and lyrics more than you listen to the music, you will agree with me in a heartbeat. Unless, of course, you are unfamiliar with John Lennonís solo career.

Lyrically deep, this song has some energetic elements in it, which will surprise you. The guitar solo is not one of the best, but it fits the song somewhat well. A bit overdone for my taste. I would have loved an acoustic guitar in this one (if there is one, I certainly canít hear it).

The vocals are just about right for the song. Overall production is a bit hot - too much treble and not enough bass.

Deep song, I must say and you get my thumbs up for the lyrics alone!

Nice job - a bit rough around the edges in the musical performance, but pretty decent overall.

Worth a listen - for the lyrics alone. Think "Lennon"! -Mike Kohlgraf,

Concerning: General
damn man, i'm likin your style for sure! it sounds super beatles-ish. just listened to julianna. very nice job indeed. - The Rev

Concerning: General
You have a unique sound that is very inviting. I like your style. - Harold Ragan

Concerning: General
Great stuff. Inventive and melodic. My favorite is definately Downsville, but all the songs work for me. You really have a mastery of sonic space; the music is full and developed, but the sound is not cluttered or oppressive. Wonderful lyrics too. -Paul Christopher

Concerning: General
Blue Skies has got a real Harrisonesque sound profile to it. Nice upbeat melody with a lilting and laid back vocal sway. Ruby Stars At first the guitar tone made me think of Hendrix ala Third Stone From The Sun but then your voice brings me right back to Lennon or Harrison. Very good compositional structure and this song sets a contemplative mood that is quite nice. Cardboard Jesus guitar mix is totally cool except for the beginning lead line which just sounds out of place (or maybe out of tune) to me. The structure and build of this song has a very,very cool sound even if at some points, like the lead break when the flow is not followed, it's dreamy and flowing sound brings you back again. The sigh at the beginning is classic! Downsville... I have to say this song is so cool!! I love it! Gawd if you got the music to pro quality this could really be a hit! Holy crap you have captured the trapped small town flap perfectly! Great work! I can tell you're a genius! -Thomas Dobson

Concerning: General
I must say that Ruby Stars was my favourite. Simple, but effective chours. You voice reminds me of John Lennon, it has quite a haunting edge to it, also liked the vocal effects in the chours. -Rory Flyn

Concerning: Downsville
I just listened to Downsville. I like it very much. I love your vocal approach, that includes your tone as well as your syncopated style. Almost rappin. The only thing I could say is I wish there was more instrumentation. You probably have done this on purpose which is also part of the charm of this song. I'll be back. -Brent Toland

Concerning: Cardboard Jesus
I've just heard your song "Cardboard Jesus".. Really nice job Man..!!! :) Seems like the laptop is far more better as compared to the desktop.. :) The composition is very nice and the flow is awesome.. Loved this one.. Would come again to listen to more of your stuff.. ;) -Musicarian