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Demos. These are my original songs that I've had time to put down tracks for. Some of them do not yet contain vocals yet. These *are* demos and as such they're not always going to sound perfect. Please direct any comments to

Untitled - This is a production instrumental of a song. Full drums, guitar, bass. Heavier than my previous stuff. Very satisfied with the feel so far. Tentatively named "Slow Motion"

Make Me Blue - This one was inspired by a girl who makes me smile... a lot. Also about how those people who make you feel so happy are usually a source of "the blues" as well.

Make Me Blue (Acoustic live in the studio type version) - This is a take of Make Me Blue as it was originally concieved. I got a little happy with it.

Blue Skies - A more pop based song and a little groovy. This song is about feeling worthless and not understanding how someone else finds you worthwhile.. worried that you will drag them down with you.

Ruby Stars - This one is based somewhat on a favorite story of mine and even more on a few women I've known. Still needs some work, but it's one of my favorites.

Cardboard Jesus - About how people cling to things they don't understand and seek forgiveness and redemption in strange places. I'm not really happy with this version. Definitely a planned redo from the ground up.

Downsville and Downsville (clean version) - A grinding bass song about a place I got stuck in once with a person who was perfectly happy to stay stuck there. A song about how certain environments can almost suffocate you. The "clean version" is the same song with a mild obscenity removed.

Junkie Girlfriend - A guilty favorite of mine. The vocals are a bit dodgey and it's got a real 80s vibe to it, but for some reason I never get tired of it. The subject matter is inspired by a girlfriend I had in Hollywood, CA.

I'll Get to Heaven (acoustic demo) - It started out as a rather sad song. Here's the original sound.

Cinnamon Angel - This is the demo of a song, perhaps a bit ambitious for my equipment and skills, but I still love this song.