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Odd Balls. These are weird bits of music that don't really fit with what I do, or sound really strange, or were jsut me having fun, but which I have an odd fondness for. Don't judge me! Contact me via

Killer and Killer (Alternate version) (George Michael) - I did this when I got a new drum machine to test it out and see what I could do with it. It's not the actual song. It's a lengthy musical trimming from the song. ...No, I am not fond of George Michael.

Crossing Rivers - This is a bizarre bit of fun I had with samples, voice manipulation, and an odd keyboard piece I stumbled on while playing around. It's a weird song.

The Monkey Song - Another weird little tune that came about from playing with some new recording equipment. Careful, or the Monkeys will get you.

Temple of Her Eyes - I frankly got tired of people saying "oh, you play guitar? Play something." I play a few chords and interest is gone. This is a bit of hackery that at least got more attention in those situations.

Inbetween Days- Long version (The Cure) - This is the full production version of this cover. Contains the original intro which was cut for the standard version. It's nothing phenomenal, but it is kind of neat when you have headphones on.