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l y r i c s

Blue Skies
Cardboard Jesus
If I stand you up straight
And keep the rain away
And always keep you close to me
Will you save my soul?

Will you offer me peace
Will you take the pain away?
If I keep you close to me
Will you help me forget the past few days?

Be my cardboard jesus
save me from myself
cause i'll surely mess things up in the end

be my tissue angel
soft and pretty
cheap and disposable
look the part, and make me confess
it's all I really need.

I do penance on my knees
for the pain that just won't go
please offer me sanctuary and
ease me into the undertow

my arms bleed like a broken heart
my eyes are filled with doubt
wrap me with one last embrace
and turn my screams all inside out

Cinnamon Valerie Angel
I'll Get to Heaven
Junkie Girlfriend
Make Me Blue
Ruby Stars